Structural Engineering Projects

Duffy Engineering was contacted by architectural firms working on the Crest View Village Apartments in St Cloud, and the Novo Apartments in Bloomington MN, to help do structural engineering work on these buildings. These projects were begun in 2019.

The Novo Apartments started their construction in 2020. This complex was finished in 2021. Crest View was completed in 2020.

The main goal for the architects for both projects that Duffy Engineering was hired to do–was to design and develop the structural engineering work for these two multi apartment complexes. Plus, Duffy also had to consider that there would be above ground parking.

This construction of these would include working with multiple material types including precast hollow core floor panels, steel structural beams, masonry lintels and foundations, and standard wood frame construction. Duffy Engineering needed to understand how the complex would be looked at from the architects and property owners’ point of view, and how the renter would use the complex and view this from the outside and inside. Preparing for the future was key.

The process involved the team at Duffy Engineering, researching, designing, and figuring out how best to use the materials needed as each material has different forces of pressure when used and how to best incorporate these in a multi-story building. Hours of research, consultations, reviewing, writing drafts, and working on permitting all took place. A written plan and constant coordination with architects and the construction company were done throughout this. The plan needed to be done in an orderly precise fashion and that this plan met the legal requirements and as well needed to function properly and met the requirements of the architects and the actual property owner.

Crestview Village Apartments, St. Cloud, MN

Novo Apartments, Bloomington, MN

From the initial 60–90-day consultations and bidding processes with Duffy’s internal team and the architects, the process overall for both complexes took about one year.

The result was the structural engineering work goals that were needed were indeed met. The buildings were completed on time, using precise and accurate structural engineering plans from Duffy Engineering. The projects met the requirements of the architects, the Government entities, the property owners, and the team at Duffy Engineering.

Today both apartment complexes are incredibly pleased that Duffy engineering was able to put together an effective and efficient structural engineering design. This was accomplished by Duffy Engineering incorporating their design into the buildings and working with a variety of materials. In meeting the goals of these projects, Today Duffy engineering is happy that these two apartment buildings are safe, structurally sound, and very pleasant to look at.